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Since its inception in the year 1904 By Mr.Piyadasa Romnachandra. Eheliyagoda Central College has been a pioneer central college in Sri lanka.
While searching the History of the college we found the First name as the Kendangamuwa Boys’ School. It was a Boys College. In 1946 it was a junior School and in 1948 it became a Senior School.

Year 1968 was the foremost year of the college. Because of the Name “Eheliyagoda Central college” and in 1985 The Central college has become a National College..
Eheliyagoda National College will Continue the treasure house of Knowledge and give birth to a Generation of Students suitable for globe Village.
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Having the inheritance of a proud history of almost 107 years throughout its history, bring forth educated and intelligent children, who are beneficial to the society, bring the brightness not only to Eheliyagoda area but also to the whole Sabaragamuwa Province, the prominent school, achieving victories day by day, continue to bring forth more and more faithful citizens , the Eheliyagoda National College , and in order to achieve, the future progress and pride , the Old Encogians’ Association has organized an Educational and Trade Exhibition under the theme of “ Today for the Future” (Enco-2012)which is scheduled to be held from the 11th of January 2012 to the 14th of January 2012 in the school premises.

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